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10-Year Street Bond Program

This information has been compiled to help you understand the City of Spokane’s transportation infrastructure, focusing on repairing and rehabilitating streets under the 10-Year Street Bond program.

Since the Street Bond program was passed in 2004, 88 miles have been repaired. We’re happy to report that we’re ahead of schedule and on-budget. In fact, we’ve been getting such good bids from our local contractors the program has been accelerated and expected to be complete at the end of 2014.

2013 Arterial Projects Include:

  • 29th Ave. from Berndard St. to High Dr.
  • Francis Ave. from Crestline to Haven Streets
  • Third Ave. from Division to Arthur Streets

Residential Projects:

  • Rockwood Boulevard from Cowley St. to Southeast Blvd.
  • 14th Ave. from Lincoln St. to Grand Blvd.
  • Queen Ave. from A to Nettleton Streets

The Road to Repair

Since the 10-Year Street Bond program was passed, 88.3 miles out of 110 miles have been repaired throughout the City of Spokane. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 40 miles out of 49 miles of major arterials and public safety corridors. These are complete curb-to-curb rehabilitations.
  • 39.2 miles out of 50 miles of residential streets. These repairs include complete restoration, repaving and sealing.
  • 5.8 miles out of 14 miles of unpaved streets. The City would help neighborhoods that form Local Improvement Districts (LIDs) pave dirt streets.
  • 3.3 miles out of 7 miles of streets impacted by utility work. This would allow street rehabilitation on streets that are subject to underground utility work.

Citizens Streets Advisory Commission
A seven-member Citizens Streets Advisory Commission (CSAC) oversees street spending, as recommended by the Mayor. CSAC meets every first Tuesday of the month from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Street Department, 901 N. Nelson St. If you would like to get item on the CSAC Agenda, here is the procedures. The public is invited to attend any of the CSAC meetings.